About Us


In 1986, Paul observed that all shelves used gum labels to mark the pricing of products. The shelves looked bad, full of dirt and glue. He discovered there was a need for an effective label holder to secure a paper label, doing away with the mess that gum labels left on the shelf edge and reducing the cost dramatically.

After dedicated research and much trial and error, Paul invented a unique and innovative plastic holder that had a snap effect which held the label in the holder. By adding a quality adhesive on the back of the holder to adhere to the shelf. It quickly became the preferred method of pricing the merchandise on the shelf. It was swiftly adopted by large corporates as their preferred label holder. Worldwide many imitations were created which gave rise to snap on tracks and even electronic label systems!


HOLDiT Marketing and Manufacturing is a family owned and run business that prides itself on ingenuity and quality. Our core values strive toward the community, supporting BBBEE initiatives, contributing to antidrug awareness campaigns, human rights and criminal reform. We believe in building a better environment with sustainable manufacturing for a better tomorrow.